Application Of Different Types Of Laws

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Ever wondered what the world would be without laws in Birmingham or any other city in the UK? Well, laws guide the actions of mankind such that there is peaceful coexistence between individuals, communities and even governments. Laws can therefore be defined as a set of rules and regulations that are created by a community or government and enforced to regulate the behaviour of the citizens or inhabitants. Laws can be categorised into two broad categories: civil law governs relations and disputes among individuals and criminal law that is referenced where the activities of an individual or group are considered an offense to the community or state as a whole. There are other categories of law and soliciting. unfair dismissal solicitors birmingham will help fight a case for any individual that has been fired from their job unfairly. Some other examples of law are discussed below.

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employment law

These laws govern the relationships between the employer and their employees, the employer and the government, interactions among employees as well as the activities of employment unions. They safeguard the rights and spell out the responsibilities of both employers and the employees in various situations. Employment law stipulates minimum wage, acceptable working hours, the minimum family and medical leave days allowable to employees and safe working conditions. 

Employment law also safeguard employees against discrimination in the work place either by their employer or fellow employees and provides legal reprieve in situations that are deemed discriminatory. Employment law is also the point of reference for unfair dismissal solicitors when representing their clients in various claims against their institutions.

Family Law

Family law focuses on issues that affect the family unit in the society including divorce, emancipation, child adoption, custody cases, paternity issues, civil unions, alimony cases, child abuse or neglect cases and so on. Family Law solicitors usually represent their clients in deliberations and negotiations around different family matters or in family court when an amicable solution proves elusive.

International law

These are laws that govern relations among sovereign nations. The laws are applicable both in the public and private sector. In the private sector, multi-national organisations must understand and adhere to the laws relating to their operation in different states while the public sector usually use these laws in treaties, multilateral agreements, to regulate inter-state economic activities and so on. Practicing international law requires an understanding of various laws including patent laws, business laws as well as the civil and criminal laws in the states in question.

Tax laws

These govern the taxation of citizens and foreigners operating in a specific area. The laws may be local, state or federal and are defined by the fiscal policies in the area. Tax laws are constantly changing to accommodate changes in the business environment, modes of operation, global treaties and agreements and therefore tax law solicitors and experts must constantly engage in knowledge advancement activities. Tax lawyers and solicitors ensure that their clients are compliant but at the same engage in tax planning in order to minimise the level of liabilities.

Real esate lawyers

Real estate laws, marine law, personal injury laws, intellectual property laws, health laws, environmental laws, entertainment laws, bankruptcy laws and corporate laws are other categories of laws that are common in each nation. Laws are not meant to oppress human beings but rather to safeguard their interests, those of the community, the environment and the government.